What We Do

Each member or two-member team commits to donating $100 per quarterly meeting for a total of $400 per year.  

Meetings are held once per quarter, usually lasting less than an hour.  At each meeting, members may nominate a local nonprofit organization to be considered for the group’s $10,000 donation.  100+ Who Care S. Atlanta does not handle any of the funds and does not retain any percentage. All proceeds go directly to the selected charity.

Our Causes

We will add to this section as we present our quarterly charities that received our combined contributions

How It Works

 Three non-profit charities are chosen by random drawing at each meeting for consideration. The nominating member has five minutes to present her case on why the group deserves the donation. A five-minute Q&A session will follow each presentation. • The charity selected by majority vote receives a stack of individual $100 checks from the members.  • Donations are given strictly to area non-profits/501(c)(3)s.

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Past Winners

Pathway Home - January 2017

Pathway Home is a 12-month, Christ-centered residence program designed to offer rehabilitation and restoration to women, and women with children, who need to start over in their lives.  Even further, the women find new purpose and practical direction for their lives.  During the last 3 months of the program, the ladies serve as interns and are given more leadership in the Home to help develop greater commitment to their new lifestyle. The ladies are continually supervised, unless on approved leave.  The atmosphere of the Home becomes authentic community and the ladies learn how to interact, treat others with respect, and resolve conflicts as “family.”  http://pathwaynetwork.net/pathway-home/

Sisters for Society - April 2017

Sisters for Society Corporation is here to listen to what the community needs. We hear you and we are trying to see how we can help. There are many ways to help improve our communities and we would like to partner with you to do it. We know that there is work to do, and we are up for the challenge. Are YOU?


Armed Forces Mission (AFM) - July 2017

Armed Forces Mission provides Donors, Volunteers, and Advocates the organization they require to eradicate suicide and transform lives. We provide direct intervention for individuals  within the Veteran and Law Enforcement Community and training for people from all walks of life through AFM's Training Division; the Intervention Institute. ​


Real Life Center - November 2017

Our mission is to walk with those who are hurting in Fayette and Coweta counties by providing a safe environment, sharing the love of Christ, and promoting long-term change.  This mission is accomplished through an innovative process of holistic care.  This holistic care includes a strategy of caring for each person physically, emotionally, relationally, financially, mentally and spiritually.  http://reallifecenter.org/

Past Nominees

Friends of Fayette County Animal Shelter

Friends of Fayette County Animal Shlter, Inc. (FFCAS) was founded in order to provide a way to fundraise for the Fayette Country Animal Shelter.  Since the shelter is a county funded organization, it has limited resources.  The organization is a great way for people to donate to the shelter and receive a tax write off in return.   It is important to note that FFCAS is not an animal rescue organization. FFCAS was founded by local Fayette County residents who have a passion and love of animals and strongly support the staff of the Fayette County Animal Shelter. FFCAS is also supported by a wonderful volunteer staff and the Director of the Fayette County Animal Shelter.  http://theffcas.org

Camp Southern Ground

The mission of Camp Southern Ground is to provide extraordinary experiences for children to recognize and magnify the unique gifts within themselves and others in order to profoundly impact the world.  https://www.campsouthernground.org/

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2018 Meeting Dates - All At Georgia Shrimp Company

We are proud of a new venue and day.  All meetings at Georgia Shrimp Company at 7 p.m. on Mondays of the dates listed below.

February 5

May 7

August 6

November 5

Award Videos

Sisters for Society April 2017 Winner

Real Life Center Award

November 2017 Winner Real Life Center